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Palm Nut Soup Recipe

  • palm nut cream
  • smoked fishes
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • garlic
  • black pepper
  • chili powder
  • salt
  • broth
  • water


  • Wash the smoked fish with hot water, let it soak for a minute before cooked.
  • Heat the pot, add the smoked fishes, and then season with the black pepper.
  • Add garlic, tomatoes and onions.
  • Add and pour the palm nuts cream in the pot.
  • Add the water.
  • Add broth for flavor, chili powder and some salt.
  • Simmer the soup for 30 minutes or more. Wait until the red oil from the chili appears on the soup surface.
  • Put in a bowl and serve it with rice.

Benefits of Palm Nut Soup

In each portion of the soup, there are several benefits that can be gain. Therefore, if want to know further on the advantages, check below the health benefits of palm nut soup.

1. Good Protein

The soup is consist of smoked fish that will help to supply a huge number of protein. Therefore, the same way as the health benefits of porcupine meat, it helps to bring a good source of protein for the entire body system.

2. Healthy Digestive

The soup also good to manage a good intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, consume the soup will help a healthy digestive that can avoid further constipation symptoms.

3. Improve Muscle

A protein inside the soup will help to improve the muscle health. Therefore, it will help to add the muscle mass and help to eliminate fat body too. The same way as the benefits of peanut butter for muscle building that works to improve the muscle health too.

4. Fasten Recovery

Another health benefits of palm nut soup including to bring a good recovery during cold and fever. The chili inside the soup is high with vitamin and minerals which able to support better recovery during illness.

5. High Vitamin C

Palm nut soup is high in vitamin C content. This is common for any food with huge chili numbers. The same way as the health benefits of eating golden beets, it also help to supply the needs of vitamin C for the body.

6. Good Immune System

Vitamin C also one of the natural way to improve the body immunity. Therefore, through consuming the soup, it also can be a good option to avoid further bacteria infection or any illness.

7. Optimize Brain

The protein inside the soup can help to optimize the brain nerve. Therefore, it also a good way to improve the mind and thinking. The same way as the benefits of tempeh for brain that also good to improve the works of the brain too.

8. Avoid Anemia

The soup also a good source of iron that will help to manage the red blood cell formation. Therefore, it also good to avoid anemia symptoms.

9. High Omega 3

Another benefit is including contain high number of omega 3 that will also improve the cardiovascular health. The same way as the health benefits fish babies.

Recommendation of Consuming Palm Nut Soup

The soup is good for your health, but it also might bring you some unwanted side effects. Therefore, for the maximum benefits from the soup, it is better to check on below recommendation when consuming the soup.

  • Beware of any allergy symptoms after consume the soup, such as any itchiness or rash skin. It is better to stop consume the soup if you find any of those symptoms to your body. Some people might not able to consume the fish and dairy products inside the soup.
  • Always use a fresh ingredients, mainly a fresh fish to avoid diarrhea and stomach problems.
  • Make sure not to use too many salt to avoid the risk of high blood tension or hypertension symptoms.
  • Chili powder might cause upset stomach in some people, therefore, it is better to consume during fullness stomach.

Those all the health benefits of palm nut soup that can reach by everyone who frequently consume the soup everyday. However, as one of the rare food to find, it is not easy to serve the soup everyday. It also might not that easy to find the soup ingredients too. Therefore, when the ingredients are available, try to serve this homemade soup for the family. It will be a good way to support the family health together with bringing delicious authentic rare soup.

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