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Livestock and Fish Farming

Organic animal breeding
and aquaculture finally done right!


Animal Husbandry

Our Animal Husbandry activities consist of a broad range of animal rearing activities. We also make use of organic techniques and we have a wide range of animals ranging from poultry to mammals.


Our organic fed poultry birds are 100% healthy, nutritious and well cared for. We strive to grow healthy birds using organic nutrition and natural breeding techniques. Our poultry farm consists of:

  1. Laying hens and Broilers
  2. Water poultry (ducks, geese)
  3. Turkeys and guinea fowls
  4. Quails and improved chickens
From fresh eggs and baby chicks to all kinds poultry meats and livestock. Get in touch with us today and let us provide any poultry product or service you may need.


We breed different kinds of mammals ranging from popular farm animals to the less popular. They include: 

  1. Cattle and Pigs
  2. Sheep and Goats
  3. Grass cutters
  4. Rabbits

As always our animals are organic and are well feed with highly nutritious natural foods rich in fiber and prepared from our organic crops. 

We are ready to provide you with all your livestock needs. Get in touch with us today or shop for high quality livestock!

Earn from our Animal Farming!

Invest in our animal husbandry and fish farming activities and enjoy amazing returns. 



Fish farming with a difference. Our organic fish farming is designed to meet the high demands of fish in our society. Our fishes are grown in different ponds and feed with natural diets like earthworms and insect larvae. 

We also have a very flexible fish production cycle that enables us to scale our fish production to meet higher demands when the need arises. We breed the following kinds of fishes: 

  1. Tilapia
  2. Cat Fish
  3. Carp

Get in touch with is for all fish needs. 



Our animal breeding also comprises of snail farming. Snails are highly nutritious and has a high consumption rate in West Africa. This is why our key focus is to provide highly nutritious and healthy snails to all our customers and clients. Whether you need snails for consumption or for business or would like to start your own snail farming business, we are here to provide all the help you need. Get in touch with us today!


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Consultation and Training

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Quality Farm Foods

Health is Wealth! Eat Healthy! Get Wealthy! Shop for 100% organic foods grown organically directly from the farm and feel the true taste of nature.

Invest in Farming

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