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Need to buy ogbono? Then our ogbono will be your best friend. They are healthy, rich in fiber and many other nutrients.

Ogbono with botanical name Irvingia gabonensis, is also known as the Wild African Mango or the Bush Mango. It is a potent superfood with a long history of human use. The Bush Mango is a small forest tree native to Africa that produces a green, mango-like fruit that is high in healthy fatty acids and antioxidants.

Nutritional Value Of Ogbono:

It prevents heart disease

Reductions in C-reactive protein are well known to protect those at risk for heart disease, which implies that ogbono soup is a possible tool for staving off the negative effects that poor lifestyle can have on the heart. In addition, the weight loss benefits of ogbono soup are beneficial for the heart as well, meaning that the effects of ogbono on heart health are even greater.

It regulates blood pressure

Ogbono soup has another trick hiding up its sleeve in the form of regulating blood pressure . Ogbono supplements are linked with decrease in blood pressure and this can lead to a lessened risk of stroke, heart failure, and clotting disorders.

It regulates blood sugar

Regulating the blood glucose levels (more commonly known as blood sugar), Ogbono has the effect of both protecting the heart and reducing the risk of diabetes. Decrease in blood glucose levels also have powerful stabilizing effects on mood, reduce fatigue, and can increase exercise performance.

Ogbono soup is an excellent supplement to take for weight loss, heart health, and fighting the negative effects of diabetes. Ogbono soup can be taken directly or in concert with other weight loss supplements and is extremely safe, with even large doses having relatively little negative effect on human health. The lack of side effects and helpful effects of Ogbono make it a potent antidote to many modern ills. In a society such as ours where obesity, heart disease, and diabetes run rampant, the health benefits of Ogbono soup can help us maintain our bodies and live longer, healthier, and happier lives. So keep eating Ogbono soup with your favourite swallow and if you don’t eat it, then you’re missing out on something nutritious and tasty.

The nutritional composition of dika seed(ogbono) indicated that it contains 8.65% protein, 14.1% carbohydrate, 2.1% moisture, 1.4% crude fiber, 16.8% ash, and 38.9% dietary fiber (Eka 1980 and Okolo 1987

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