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Waterleaf is a rich source of the essential nutrients Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Vitamin C. It is also a good source of: Vitamin A. Thiamine.

Need to buy waterleaf? Then our waterleaf will be your best friend. Our Fresh waterleaf is  directly from our farm. They are healthy, rich in fiber and many other nutrients.

Waterleaf is a rich source of the essential nutrients Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Vitamin C. It is also a good source of: Vitamin A. Thiamine.

Waterleaf Nutritional Value

Waterleaf is extremely nutritious. However, it is also high in oxalate. Oxalate is a natural chemical found in foods like spinach, rhubarb, beets, sweet potatoes, and waterleaf. For those with kidney disorders, oxalate may contribute to kidney stones.

Up to 50 percent of the soluble (dissolves in water) oxalate can be removed through blanching or cooking. Cooking can also remove lectins from waterleaf. Lectins are generally harmless, but they can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb micronutrients like calcium, iron, and zinc.

Some of the health benefits of waterleaf include:

Bone Health

Waterleaf is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, both of which are essential for healthy bones. In fact, some research has shown that taking calcium without phosphorus does very little for bone strength. The two elements appear to work together. They are especially good for helping women over 60 who are already suffering from osteoporosis.

Eye Health

Maintaining sufficient levels of vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes. Research indicates that vitamin A can slow the progression of retinal disease, reduce the risk of cataracts, and improve low-light vision. Waterleaf is a good source of vitamin A.

Iron Deficiency and Anemia

Waterleaf is an excellent dietary source of iron. Iron deficiency can range from mild to severe. Those who experience milder symptoms benefit the most from shifting to an iron-rich diet

Enhances Cognitive Ability

Regular consumption of this vegetable has a good effect on the cognitive ability because of the presence of certain constituents which helps to improve cerebral blood flow and cognitive function.

And due to its ability to improve the flow of blood, it helps the brain to function adequately by supplying it with adequate oxygen as well in order to prevent/improve Cerebral HypoperfusionSchizophrenia as well as the death of the brain tissues.

The presence of iron which is a micronutrient found in waterleaf helps also in the strengthening of the brain muscles and tissues which helps in the improvement of the human brain, thereby improving the cognitive reasoning as well.

Improves the Blood Cells

The crude protein contained in waterleaf is an important supplement both in quality and nutritional perspective which plays a very important role in the human blood cell.

It functions when it comes to blood cells in the body can’t be overemphasized. It is believed to help in the adequate pumping of blood and its supply and as such is used in many cases such as in the treatment of anemia.

It generally helps in improving the blood cells which includes both the white and red blood cells, and with the content of iron as well helps in this case.

Promotes Heart Health

Waterleaves, when consumed on a daily basis, perform a key role in maintaining the cardiovascular system.

It helps to keep the heart healthy by regulating the activities of the heart and reduce the risk of related heart diseases as well as stroke by adequately supply of blood and oxygen to the needed areas.

It also helps in reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood, which is good for the prevention and improvement of heart-related conditions.

Eliminates Infections & Diseases

Contain certain properties such as antibacterial properties, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that help to suppress the growth of bacteria, fungi and inflammatory diseases in the body.

It has been proven effective for the treatment of some diseases like Atherosclerosis which results as the arteries in the body is been accumulated with fats and cholesterols thereby making the walls of the artery to be narrow.

This makes the blood flow to be interrupted and can even cause a total blockage in the artery thereby leading to many health conditions like stroke, heart attack and more.

Waterleaf consumption has been locally used in the treatment and prevention of this health condition, for more effective results, the leaf should be washed and properly squeezed to extract the juice which has to be taken orally.

There is no measurement for the quantity of waterleaf juice to be taken but it should be moderate.

Repairs Body Tissues

They are a good source of vitamins such as A and C which helps to repair the body tissues and promote good eye vision.

One of the main functions of vitamin C is to help in the normal body tissues repair and growth, it acts as an antioxidant as it prevents oxidative stress which is caused by the free radicals from damaging the body cells and tissues.

It makes the skin smoother and prevent dryness, as well as helps in the formation and improvement of the skin pigment.

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